Trip to Scarborough

Last week we had a family trip to Scarborough, which has become a favourite destination for us as a family in recent years for short weekend breaks. Oliver isn’t keen at all on beaches or the sea, but there are enough other things to do there to keep him happy, so we felt pretty confident […]

Which way shall we go?

Today I took Oliver out by myself whilst Louise took George out to a local fun day. We decided against taking Oliver to this as we knew it would not be something he would react well to. So I took Oliver to a local park that I know he likes. I thought what could possibly […]

Lone Parenting!!

A couple of Sundays ago, I found myself in charge of both of the children for a whole day whilst Louise had a much deserved spa day with her sister. It was an unusual day in that I had no other refuge available to me, as Louise’s parents were out that day, and I didn’t […]

A Dumbledore moment

Thanks to Louise, I am a keen fan of Harry Potter, and one of my favourite Albus Dumbledore lines (apart from “I’d like a nice cup of tea or perhaps a large brandy”) is when he says “There will come a time when we must choose between what is right, and what is easy”. This […]